Fencing posts from medium to high security

Choose the right post for your fence: it is important to select the post which corresponds best with your fence, your design or your security level. A very large range of posts, for panels or for fences rolls, from a DIY installation system to the more secure post Bekasecure. Make your choice, or contact us for any questions you may have.

Filter products available depending on your region (you can select several)

Bekafix Secure is specifically designed by Betafence for the South African market to fit our Betaview systems and Securifor high-security panels. The panel is tucked away safely behind the panel and fixed with Betafence original stainless steel fixators, bolts, and tamper-proof shear-off nuts. This combination of Betafence panels with Bekafix Secure post and superior fixing mechanisms delivers a complete fencing system that ensures the installation’s integrity and protection levels. 

- H profile covers and protects the panel's edge
- Vandal-resistant - difficult to pry the panel loose from the post
- Designed to enhance the system's security level
- Stainless steel fixing mechanisms ensure a long lifetime

Adopt UniLox, the Universal Metal Fencing Post developed to fit all situations. Its universal installation method and compatibility with multiple panels will convince you.

  • Very attractive symmetrical shape
  • Compatible with 2 installation method : Post/Panel/Post or Post/Post/Panel
  • 2.5 cm steps for slope
  • Quick and easy installation