Easy to install composite fencing system

HoriZen Prime is made from low-maintenance WPC panels that easily fit together to create a modern, environmentally friendly privacy fence.  


  • Easy to install with basic tools 
  • Modern decorative options 
  • 98% recycled content and 100% recyclable 
  • Available on demand from our central stock in Belgium 

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Betafence guarantee 10 years
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Technical Information


Every element of HoriZen is designed with simplicity and ease of installation in mind. You can also combine panels to create your own design. 

  • Simple "tongue & groove" assembly
  • Specially designed posts for easy "slide-in" installation
  • Choose your own fence height in 15 cm increments
  • Easily adapt lengths on site
  • Mix color and decorative panels for your own unique look


Individual composite fence panels are 1780 mm wide x 150 mm high and available in 2 colors: 

  • Anthracite
  • Brown

The finish is the same on both sides so your fence will look perfect from any viewpoint.  

Two decorative board options are stylishly designed to provide some visibility through the fence while adding a modern and personalized look to your fence.

Horizen Classic

HoriZen Modern

Order Options

  • HoriZen Prime Kit contains all components needed to assemble 1 full panel of 1800mm high x 1780mm wide. (12 boards of 150mm x 1780mm + top & bottom profile). Posts to be ordered separately.
  • HoriZen Prime Boards can be ordered Individually to make up the quantity you need for your unique installation.
  • Decorative Boards - Classic or Modern are ordered individually and delivered with the required accessories for installation. 

Recommended post

HoriZen Post

HoriZen Post

The post features open sides which HoriZen and decorative boards slide into. Any other panel or infill of 20mm will fit into the post. Delivered standard with a post cap to finish off the post and protect it from rain and snow. Available in 3 heights and easy to cut to achieve different heights, the aluminum post can also be installed on a footplate.


Each installation has its own requirements, our range of accessories will help you achieve a perfect and trouble-free installation. 

  • U Profile - installation next to a wall or gate post
  • Floor plate – installing a post on concrete or a wall
  • Wind Anchor – recommended for high winds and fences over 1800 mm
  • Bottom post cover - a neat finishing touch for the post 
  • Top & bottom profiles - completes your fence’s look
  • Post caps - can be ordered separately if needed


WPC boards are available in two Betafence colors: 

  • Anthracite
  • Brown

Top, bottom, and intermediary profiles are aluminum and polyester coated RAL 7016 S (S - structured color) 

Description In the Box Height Width*
HoriZen Prime Kit - Brown 12 boards
1 Bottom profile
1 Top profile
(12 x 150) +30 mm = 1830 mm 1780 mm
HoriZen Prime Kit - Anthracite 12 boards
1 Bottom profile
1 Top profile
(12 x 150) +30 mm = 1830 mm 1780 mm
HoriZen Prime Board - Brown 1 board 150 mm 1780 mm
HoriZen Prime Board - Anthracite 1 board 150 mm 1780 mm
Decorative Board - Modern 1 Board 
1 Adapter profile
150 mm 1780 mm
Decorative Board - Classic 1 Board 
1 Adapter profile
150 mm 1780 mm
Aluminum Top Profile 1 Profile - 1740 mm
Aluminum Bottom Profile 1 Profile - 1790 mm


* can be resized

HoriZen Prime Installation video

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