Now even safer and more efficient


Demand for speed folding gates like the Faldivia Speed Gate has grown exponentially in recent years. After all, it is a good alternative to combining a sliding gate and barrier and offers a number of unique advantages.

Intense discussions with certified safety experts preceded the launch of the new Faldivia model, produced at the Betafence site in Poland.

“Following advice from these experts, we modified the design, particularly around the containment zones and safety edge,” says Product Manager Kris Van Waes when summarising the improvements. “This means that the Faldivia Speed Gate has become the true benchmark in the market, and at every level. In terms of quality, operational performance, not to mention safety.”

The new Faldivia Speed Gate is CE certified by TÜV, both for the UK and the European Union.

Faldivia Speed Folding Gates are available in both a single format (1 wing, 2 sections) and a double format (2 wings, 4 sections). This allows potential access of no less than 12 meters wide and 2.4 meters high, or even 4 meters high in the case of 8-meter free access.

“With such a wide product range, Faldivia can be used in almost any situation,” continues Kris Van Waes. “Certainly in combination with the large range of infills according to the safety level required.”

Designed as a 'plug & play' product, the Faldivia Speed Gate can be installed and operational within 3 hours. Thanks to the powerful 0.37 KW DAAB motor installed on top of the post, an opening speed of up to 1 meter per second can be achieved, which is 3 times faster than the fastest sliding gate. In addition to the magnetic closing system, smart technology has also been integrated and provides all kinds of programming options. Faldivia can also be equipped with additional access-control elements.

Faldivia's standard features are 6 safety strips, two pairs of photocells, and LED lighting.

“The Faldivia uses the most modern technology and is produced to the highest quality standards,” confirms Kris Van Waes. “This speed folding gate is simply the new norm when it comes to safety, security, and access control.”