A young family in Oedelem was looking for an equally contemporary fence with class in line with their sleek, modern home.

The green lawn runs along the side of the house to the front street side and offers a lot of room for the children to play. The demand for a strong quality fence that contributes to the safety of the youngest residents was therefore well-founded. Moreover, it had to be a system that was easy to install yourself. The choice fell on the Bekafor® Classic panels from Betafence: the whole looks aesthetically pleasing and provides a safe feeling of freedom. And the installation Bekafor® Classic panels in anthracite with a height of 175 cm, over a total length of 60 m was a piece of cake! The trump cards in a row: the classic, simple design of Bekafor® Classic integrates seamlessly into its surroundings and creates a friendly atmosphere in the garden. A residential, durable fence that is discreetly present.

If you want more privacy, you can choose to fill the panels with Bekafor Collfort and Bekafor Screeno Line.

 Whatever the environmental situation, with all the elements of the Bekafor® Classic system panels in different heights, matching posts, brackets and accessories such as pedestals, corner clamps and wall mounts, a fence that meets the requirements is realized. The easy installation, for example even on a wall or on a concrete surface, is an essential plus point., Bekafor® Classic has guaranteed quality and a long service life. The high-quality galvanized steel wire panels are laminated with perfect adhesion. The constituent parts: The Bekafor® Classic panel range comprises six dimensions, each with a width of 2000 mm and various heights, namely 630, 1030, 1230, 1530, 1730 and 2030 mm. You choose the height that best suits the environmental situation.

The various constituent elements in detail:

  • The panels have vertical stimuli (30 mm) on one side that are placed upwards at a panel height of 153 cm or more. The panels are extra strong thanks to the horizontal 3D reinforcements. The horizontal and vertical wire diameters (4.5 mm and 4.0 mm respectively) also contribute to this.
  • The panels are combined with metal Bekaclip posts. These have a diameter of 48 mm. The panels are fixed to these posts using specially developed Bekafor® brackets. If the panels are chosen in combination with Collfort wooden slats or Screeno Line PVC slats for more privacy, Bekaclip posts with a larger diameter (60 mm) should be used.

To make the fence completely watertight, there are the single or double Bekafor® Classic swing gates. Some Bekafor® Essential swing gates are also compatible.

Material properties: The Bekafor® Classic panels are made of galvanized wire. A specific pre-treatment process ensures optimum adhesion to the PVC final layer. The piles are also galvanized internally and externally with a minimum layer thickness of 275 g/m² (both sides combined), in accordance with Euronorm 10346. Here too, an adhesion layer and a polyester laminated layer are applied successively.

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