Protection of the water reservoir in Dzieckowice

To protect the water reservoir in Dzieckowice, with the support of European Union funds, in Imielin the sanitary sewage system was extended. One of its elements was the sewage pumping station. Objects of great strategic importance should have a fence, which clearly separates them from other properties. The appearance of the security system should signal that access to the protected area is restricted.

To protect it from unauthorized entry, all of its areas were fenced with a Nylofor 3D panel system on rectangular posts with collets. Entrance to the building is secured with single and double Egidia swing gates with Nylofor 3D infill. Sensitive objects such as water reservoirs, pumping stations or power plants are particularly sensitive to attacks and therefore require a properly selected fence, which will clearly define the boundaries of access and discourage the entry into the protected area. Nylofor 3D panels meet all of the above-mentioned features:

  • The Nylofor 3D system consists of heavy welded panels, usually mounted on rectangular posts. They are made of galvanized steel wires coated with a high-strength polyester coating. Such protected panels gain exceptional resistance to photochemical ageing processes. The durability of the coating is an extremely important feature to have in mind during the selection process of fences to protect sensitive objects. Properly selected panels will protect against damage and ensure the longevity of the entire system.
  • In the case of sensitive objects, it is important that the anti-corrosion system of Nylofor 3D panels is extremely durable.

Thanks to the state-of-the-art coating technology, it does not require regular maintenance, which guarantees the flawless appearance of the fence and its durability.

  • Horizontal profiling gives additional rigidity to the panels, which has a positive effect on the mechanical strength of the fence. Thanks to the application of this solution, the appropriate authorities can be sure that the whole fencing system will effectively protect the pumping area.
  • All elements of the system have been designed in such a way that the assembly proceeds quickly, professionally and without unnecessary stress.

We can also complement Nylofor 3D panels with swing and sliding gates. In this project, it was decided to connect the panels with the Egidia double-swing gate, which was filled with Nylofor 3D panels. The choice of the gate is also an important element because it is the access point to the protected area. In order for traffic control and access of authorized persons to run smoothly, the gateway must be adapted to the needs of the institution. It is essential to know how often we will use the gate, which vehicles should have access to the property and whether or not there will be additional security and detection systems installed (such as cameras, alarms). If our main goal is to prevent deliberate intrusion into the area, it is worth considering installing an acoustic alarm, security lighting and visible camera on the fence to effectively deter people with this intention.

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