Extraordinary effect of colorful gabions combined with garden lighting.

So far fencing and lighting were two separate investments in our gardens. Posts were used only to install fencing panels or nettings and to light the garden free-standing lamps or lanterns were chosen. Until a moment, when an investor from Hungarian town Kecskemet decided to distinquish himself from the others and join both elements into one innovative solution.

At first he ordered gabion panels at Betafence with mesh size 50 x 100 mm and wire diameter 4 mm. Cutting them neatly, he built gabion walls and posts with total length of 20 m and height of 2 m. Secondly he filled the gabions with colorful stones, creating symetrical leyers of different shades. Spaces between gabion posts was equipped with welded fencing panels with 3D bends. The biggest surprise was left for the last stage of installation. Upper parts of gabion posts were filled with bluish pieces of glass and inside them electrical lamps were placed. Already remarkable during the days, by night this gabion fence creates a special atmosphere and draws attention of any passer-by. Gabions hide in shadow, so the shining glass parts of posts seem to float in the air.

Hungarian investor reached his goal: he delights and inspires others, to fulfill their small dreams even if they concern only fencing of the house.

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