Gabion wall as a decorative element of the KRUG company

The KRUG company, which has been operating on the market since 1989, has vast experience in the industry related to road construction. It specializes in services in the field of comprehensive road works and railway works related to construction or renovation. The company has a well-equipped machine park, thanks to which it ensures fast and solid road construction. High-class backhoe loaders, excavators, loaders, cobblestone pavers, and graders guarantee a well-executed job. Such a qualified company was looking for an equally experienced manufacturer of fencing systems that would meet its high expectations. In 2009, it was decided to create a fence in front of the front wall of the KRUG office building, which apart from the basic protective function would also have a decorative function. It was supposed to become a kind of showcase of the property owner. The Betafence company, which also has extensive experience in the field of fencing systems, decided to put gabion baskets in this place, which is characterized by a very individualized and unique look.

Why was it decided to use just gabions?

  • First of all, because they are extremely high quality. Betafence, as the first company in Europe, obtained the CE mark on the gabion baskets, which guarantees professional realization,
  • Gabion baskets are made of welded nets, connected by means of spirals, tie wires or clips, which gives them durability and impeccable appearance for many years,
  • They can be filled with any material, thanks to which each of the gabions is different, has its own distinct and unique character, and easily attracts the eyes of passers-by. That is why it works well as a representative decoration of the company's building. In the case of the KRUG company, it was decided to fill them with stones, which are a frequent choice if we want to refer to nature,
  • Welded nets, from which gabion baskets are made, are coated with a special Zinc alloy or additionally with polyester powder. The choice of a coating is extremely important because its appropriate type will ensure the durability of the fence. This is one of the key factors affecting the selection of a decorative fence for this type of space,
  • A thickness of gabion baskets provides adequate security against intrusion of unauthorized persons on the company's premises.
  • In addition, gabions are very easy to assemble.

In this case, it was not different and the installation of the walls went through dynamically and conscientiously, Behind the building, we made a free-standing wall also built of gabions. It also makes the building stand out, giving it an interesting aesthetic value. It creates space in a fantastic way, but it also constitutes a rigid and durable barrier that prevents unauthorized persons from entering the company's premises. At the end of the day, the KRUG company, which puts a lot of effort to the professional performance of its products, received from us a fence designed and installed in the same professional way. Very aesthetic and eye-catching gabion baskets are a decorative element of the company's building. the Free wall of the gabion, that lays at the background, only completes the fence, which is located on the front of the property. They create a beautiful and harmonious construction, referring to nature, which certainly will not escape anyone's attention.

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