Betafence encloses workplace in Żory Nifco is an international fastener-production company based in over 15 countries around the world.

It provides light and stainless plastic products, which are used to connect, build or tie various objects. They find their application for example in the automotive industry (the company dominates on the Japanese market), but also in an ordinary household. Nifco produces parts of car engines, elements necessary for mounting cars and fragments through which fuel flows, as well as products for sewerage in the kitchen, bathroom, and toilet, home appliances, and building materials. The company manufactures more than four thousand new products a year and constantly increases its ranges and influence. In 2012, Nifco reached Poland. In Żory, a modern factory made of gray walls and green glass was built.

This huge building is located in suburbs. The property even borders with a meadow. That's why it was so important to protect it from intruders. We decided to install rigid and very resistant panels from the Nylofor 3D fence system.

What makes Nylofor 3D panels the most often chosen construction for this type of orders?

  • The fence system installed in Żory is made of galvanized steel wires covered with a high-strength polyester coating which is resistant to any external conditions. The coating owes above-average durability to firing processes, which means thermosetting at high temperatures,
  • Horizontal profiling gives additional rigidity of Nylofor 3D panels, thanks to which the entire fencing system effectively secures the areas of factories, workshops, public facilities, or, as in this case, the company's building,
  • Due to its simple design, this system does not evoke feelings of overwhelming and confinement in people that stay in this property but also does not cut them off from the outside world. Thanks to this, pedestrians can easily see what is behind the fence. This is the main advantage of this system, as the philosophy of Nifco says that the most important is to be open to people and ready for any cooperation,
  • The Nylofor 3D system is available in standard green and fire-zinc color, but on request, we can easily order many other colors from the RAL palette.

That's how it happened in this case. Due to the dominant gray color on the walls of the company's building, it was decided that the whole fence will be made in the same shade. RAL 7030 was selected in this order. All elements of the system have been designed in such a way that the assembly proceeds quickly and professionally. This is how it happened this time too. The panels of the Nylofor 3D system can be installed on several types of poles, however, in the case of the Nifco fence, they were placed on rectangular pillars. Thanks to them, the client received an additional guarantee of long-term use and safety. And these were the most wanted features. Thanks to the appropriate method of production, horizontal profiling, and a special coating, Nifco received a total of 700 meters of extremely durable, rigid and resistant fence system. The company's building gained not only greater security, but also a construction that blends in perfectly with the real estate. The gray color of the fence creates a coherent whole with the building, and in addition, does not overwhelm visitors. Thanks to this, everyone can feel good in the Polish facility of this international company.

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