Nylofor 3D panels protect the wastewater treatment plant in Lędziny

The wastewater treatment plant in Lędziny, called Ziemowit, is a mechanical and biological treatment plant with chemical support for the phosphorus removal process. Objects of this type should have a fence that clearly separates them from other areas in the vicinity (in the case of the treatment plant in Lędziny, there are mainly meadows and forests around the building.) The appearance of the security system should indicate that the area behind it, is where only authorized people have access. In 2014, after a thorough modernization of the treatment plant, it was decided to put a fence around it. Betafence services were used for this purpose and a system that works best for securing these types of objects (so-called sensitive objects) was chosen.

We talk about Nylofor 3D panels that have all of the following properties:

  • This system consists of heavy welded panels, usually mounted on rectangular posts (in this case we used EL posts). They are made of galvanized steel wires coated with a high-strength polyester coating. Such protected panels gain exceptional resistance to photochemical aging processes. The durability of the coating is an extremely important feature to have in mind during the selection process of fences to protect sensitive objects. Properly selected panels will protect against damage and ensure the longevity of the entire system,
  • In the case of sensitive objects, it is important that the anti-corrosion system of Nylofor 3D panels is extremely durable. Thanks to the state-of-the-art coating technology, it does not require regular maintenance, which guarantees the flawless appearance of the fence and its durability,
  • Horizontal profiling gives additional rigidity to the panels, which has a positive effect on the mechanical strength of the fence. Thanks to the application of this solution, the appropriate authorities can be sure that the whole fencing system will effectively protect the pumping area,
  • Panels are available in basic, green color or if our Client wants it – any other color from RAL palette. In case of a fence installed in Lędziny we decided to paint it grey – we used RAL 7030 color,
  • All elements of the system have been designed in such a way that the assembly proceeds quickly, professionally and without unnecessary stress.

We can also complement Nylofor 3D panels with swing and sliding gates. So it was done this time. Entrances to the treatment plant are equipped with Egidia single and double leaf gates. They are solid and durable structures, thanks to a rigid frame made of square profiles. Filling made of Nylofor 3D panels will make it possible to perfectly match these gates to any type of fence. The Egidia wing gates are manufactured in accordance with European standards, and the CE mark awarded to them guarantees their safe use. The coating of zinc and polyester powder makes frequent maintenance of the gates unnecessary. In addition, they are equipped with adjustable hinges that allow opening inside or outside the property (depending on the needs of our client). Egidia gates can also be automatic. Finally, a modernist-looking, gray fence with a total circumference of 500mb was created. To best protect the area of the treatment plant located in Lędziny, it was decided to use panels from the Nylofor 3D system, which are characterized by special stiffness and resistance to external conditions, without the need for frequent maintenance. The gates were chosen from the Egidia set, because (similarly to Nylofor panels) they are very resistant, and after an additional installation of an alarm or special monitoring cameras, they effectively deter unauthorized persons from entering the premises of the guarded property.

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