Strategically located near two Valencia major roads, with direct connections to the local airport and port, as well as main capital routes, Valencias logistic park (PLV) intends to be one of the largest goods center.

Beyond its location, the Ribarroja logistics park main’s peculiarity is based in a freight transport sector service center and logistics carriers satisfaction needs. It presents 4 different areas: industrial plots for logistics companies implementation; several public spaces such as offices, restaurants, hotels ; containers storehouse and truck parking specific areas.

The park promotion, development, management and maintenance is responsibility of Valencia transport network and port management (GTP - Ente Gestor de la Red de Transporte y de Puerto de la Generalitat Valenciana), which has chosen Betafence Projects as the fence supplier and perimeter security space technical support. With a deterrence function, about 2800 meters of Nylofor F with 2030 mm height were installed surrounding the entire perimeter. Apart of being a physical obstacle evidencing that a specific space is restricted to authorized persons, this fencing system provides high strength, rigidity, aesthetics and harmony with the environment.

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