Increase privacy on the property

A private investor from Wrocław wanted not only to secure his property but also to separate himself from the unattractive areas around. Privacy and quietness were very important to him, and he also looked for these features in the fence. So he chose the Nylofor 3D Light II galvanized fence panels on rectangular posts.

Welded Nylofor 3D Light II panels with rectangular mesh and horizontal bends are a professional fencing system with high resistance to deformation. Thanks to this, the fence will display impeccably for many years. The owner also decided on the galvanized version of the panels. Why he chose galvanized panels without a synthetic coating? Galvanizing is undoubtedly the most popular way to secure the fence, often called the classic one.

Due to its properties, zinc gives very good corrosion resistance and - which is equally important - through various alloy layers ensures very good adhesion to the steel substrate. However, when choosing this type of fencing, we should remember about the conditions under which the fence will be used. These conditions will be proportional to the thickness of the zinc coating, and this translates directly into the durability, that is, the lifetime of the security. The basic factors determining the aggressiveness of the environment are the neighbourhood of large industrial plants, power plants, combined heat and power plants, roads with heavy traffic or close proximity to the sea. Based on these two criteria (environmental aggressiveness and zinc coating thickness), we can determine the lifetime of the protection. Exploitation of the zinc coating is associated with its systematic loss and the durability of the protection depends only on the thickness of the initial coating and the operating conditions.

In the case of synthetic coatings, their thickness goes to the background, and the decisive criteria are:

  • grip,
  • resistance to solar radiation,
  • resistance to low and high temperatures.

Additionally, if you want to have a fence in the colour of your choice, then you have to reach for synthetic coatings. They can be made in any colour from the RAL palette. The investor opted for galvanizing because he was looking primarily for a high-security fence that would protect his property. The colours were in the background.

After all, security on the property is ensured by the solid construction of the Nylofor 3D Light II fencing panels with horizontal profiling and a thick wire with a diameter of 4 mm, which also ensures high rigidity of the system. To ensure the perfect degree of privacy, the owner of the property, panels filled with Nylofor Nevada strips in anthracite RAL 7016 on the total length of the fence (110 meters). Screeno-line strips can also be mounted on selected parts of the fence in an easy way (just slide them between the spans of the panel). In this way, we can separate the selected part of the fence, for example, for a veranda, swimming pool or playground for children. We can also remove the blinds if, after some time, we decide on a more open space.

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