Effective fencing of office buildings

The SmartPlus company is located on the outskirts of Żory, far away from other buildings. Because of its location, away from the busy districts, the estate required a solid fence on all sides, which would visibly set its borders. The area of the company is also extensive (fence has been installed over a length of 500m). Therefore, the selected fence should meet the relevant safety standards. To achieve the above-mentioned goals Nylofor 3D Pro XL system with EL posts were chosen.

Why this system?

  • Nylofor 3D Pro XL panels are longer than the standard ones. Three-meter panels are designed for fencing long sections, such as highways or railway tracks. They are also perfect for securing office centres or production plants settled in large areas.
  • Due to the high stiffness and attractive price, the system is appreciated wherever hundreds of thousands of meters of reliable fences are needed. In addition, one of the many advantages of this non-standard Nylofor 3D Pro XL panel length is that thanks to it, the installation of the fence runs more efficiently. The system is most commonly installed on Quixolid Plus posts without the need for any additional accessories.
  • Office centres are particularly sensitive places and therefore their security in terms of access control requires solutions with a sufficiently high level of security.

The assessment of the safety level consists of such factors as the thickness of the panel's wire, the way they are connected, the mesh size, additional inflexions and the protective coating. Why is it so important? Panels with high stiffness with the right arrangement of wires will be a physical barrier for unauthorized people who want to break into the company's premises. Thanks to its solid fence these people may be discouraged immediately to take such action, or detected at an early stage. Nylofor 3D Pro XL welded panels, thanks to horizontal profiling, gain a high degree of stiffness. This makes them ideal for areas requiring a high degree of protection on long sections. In addition, innovative coating technology guarantees the comfort of their long-term use without the need for regular maintenance. Depending on the requirements of the object, the Nylofor 3D Pro XL panels can be assembled on Quixolid Plus, EL, Bekafix or Bekafix Super posts with a special fastening system. In this case, the panels have been installed on EL poles, which are very durable and have excellent stiffness. Office areas with a solid fence, also need systems to protect entry and exit points.

These are some of the most sensitive points that should be properly secured by matching gates. The company, SmartPlus, decided to install two Egidia sliding gates with Palisade infill. The decision was influenced by the durable construction of the gate as well as easy to operate and stable rail.

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