Zenturo Classic panels (2 m) were installed at the previous Betafence Headquarters in Ghent, complementing the architectural style of the office building perfectly.

Added Zenturo Perfo strips provide some privacy where needed, whilst for heightened privacy the panels are upgraded to Zenturo Super gabion walls (2 m). Our Zenturo Super filled wall provides the office building and garden with privacy during all seasons. During the summer it protects our employees against gusts of wind. As you can see, it also fits the environment perfectly; blending in with nature. For added security Betafence Corporate Services opted to install Securifor 2D panels (2 m) alongside their public perimeter, making sure that the panels blend in nicely against the local features. Securifor 2D panels are not only good as a security measure for office buildings; they are also perfect for heightening company visibility.

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