Provincial Training Center for security

  • High security
  • Total solution POV

 Zedelgem is responsible for the training and recruitment of police and fire brigade personnel.

The extensive property includes numerous buildings to train the recruits, on a daily basis, for crisis situations. Until recently, the perimeter security of POV was not more than a chainlink fence and some manual gates. The entire perimeter was tackled with the guidance of Betafence. For this purpose, a high-security fence of the type Nylofor 3D Super was installed, combined with five full-automatic Bekamatic sliding gates.

The whole package was installed by a local professional installer "Fences Kerkhove". The complete training area is located in a secured perimeter, so intrusion has become more difficult. In the second phase, the entire entrance was reviewed. After a complete risk analysis, a number of significant measures have been taken to ensure only authorized or registered persons are allowed on the premises. The access control is done by badge readers and e-ID readers. These access control elements are connected to two double turnstiles (for people-access) and a speed gate (for car- & truck-access). This ensures the perimeter is continuously controlled and the entrance remains closed. The customer is very satisfied with the approach of Betafence. New projects are already in the pipeline.

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