A safe environment for mental health care Rivierduinen, the Dutch organisation for mental health care, has several regional centres in the north and central South Holland region.

One of them is in Leiden and involves a closed centre (High Care clinic) where clients receive recovery supporting care. Buildings, garden and open air facilities have been fenced off to prevent clients from leaving the centre unnoticed and thus putting themselves as risk. The fence had to meet several requirements: it had to form a physical obstacle; ensure that nobody could sustain injuries from it; and prevent people from climbing over it. GGZ Leiden opted for Securifor panel fencing. As it is highly transparent, clients don't get the feeling of being locked in. The green colour (RAL 6009) fits in with the natural surroundings and adds even further to the feeling of openness. Its small apertures and heavy wire diameter make Securifor fencing very hard to climb.

As an added advantage, there is no risk of injuries from protruding wires or sharp corners, since there are none. The climbing vegetation gives the structure an attractive appearance.

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