Betafence secures the stadium in Tychy

The Mostostal company from Poland chose our individual stadium solutions for their project. We have extensive experience in solutions for this specific application area. Betafence secures, among others, the stadium in Poznań, the Evpatoria stadium in the Crimea and the Olympic stadium in San Marino. 1000 m of the Nylofor 2D Super panels also surrounds and secures the grounds of the Juventus club stadium in Turin, as well as the adjacent shopping centre, museum and parking lot. In the stadium of Tychy two types of fences are install. On a total length of 600 meters, galvanised Nylofor 3D panels are install. They are a part of perimeter protection from the front side, but they also create inner fence-offs .

Why are Nylofor 3D panels one of the most popular solutions to protect sports infrastructure?

  • Nylofor 3D fence panels are made of galvanized steel wires coated with a high-strength polyester coating. The durability of the coating is ensured by the process of thermosetting at high temperatures.
  • Horizontal profiling of panels ensure the extra rigidity of panels. Stiffness and durability of the fence, are important in such a sensitive area of applications as sports facilities. The fence, not only has to withstand the possible impacts of e.g. the balls, but above all, protect the people in the stadium, direct their movement in a clear and intuitive way and be resistant to high-pressure.
  • The Nylofor 3D system is available in standard green and zinc. It is possible to order many other colours from the RAL palette at the customer's request.

This is especially important when designing fences in stadiums. Thanks to the availability of choosing colours from the RAL palette, we can match the colour of the fence to the colours of the team. Nylofor 3D panels protect the object from the outside, as well as constitute an element of internal fencing. They ensure safe access to buildings in the stadium and parking lots. To provide the highest security for the participants of sports events we introduced, special full (non-transparent) fences dividing the inner sections. Eight gates (swing and sliding), including two constructions of two opposing gates, ensure safe access to the stadium (entrances from outside as well as entrances to internal zones of the facility). Gates used by the fans, entering and leaving the facility, are a very important element of the entire project. Choosing the right solution is crucial to ensure an adequate level of security for the facility. We should keep it in mind, when designing the fence for the stadium. Gates provided with special anti-panic locks guarantees a safe and quick evacuation in the event of unforeseen situations and a panic among the crowd. Such castles were chosen during the design of the fence for the Arena stadium in Gdańsk. 80 gates have been equipped with the anti-panic lock completing the fencing of the Arena stadium.

The Arena stadium won the prestigious Stadium Business Awards 2012 competition. On this stadium took place three group matches and the quarterfinals of the Euro 2012 European Championship.

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