A housing estate in Warsaw's Wola district. Arte Nova estate is an investment within the Villa Arte estate. The estate is located in Warsaw's Wola and consists of 4 complexes of high-rise luxury buildings.

The investment was made in 2015. The investor opted out from the entire outer fence of the complex. As a result of this decision, there was a need to increase the safety level of the buildings themselves. Being luxury residential buildings, there was also the need to consider the design of the whole environment. Therefore, the investor decided on a fence made of Nylofor 3D Light II fence panels.

Why did the investor decide on Nylofor 3D Light II panels?

  • Welded Nylofor 3D Light II panels with rectangular mesh and horizontal bends are a professional fencing system with high resistance to deformation. This is a particularly important element in public places such as housing estates. Why? The fence was not only installed near the buildings but also around the adjacent green areas. Games and recreational activities can take place in these areas, and thus, for example, sometimes a ball can get into the fence. The appropriate stiffness of the fence is a certainty that its shape will be maintained.
  • The solid construction of Nylofor 3D Light II fencing panels with horizontal profiling and a thick wire with a diameter of 4 mm ensures the high rigidity of the system and guarantees effective protection of the protected area. In places such as housing estates, the most important element is the protection of residents, especially children. A thick wire ensures an adequate level of security.
  • Thanks to the state-of-the-art coating technology (application of three layers: zinc, undercoat and polyester coating), fences from Nylofor 3D Light II panels will look like new for years - without the need for regular maintenance. As a proof for their resistance to corrosion there’s a 10-year quality guarantee. Corrosion resistance is an equally important factor in design maintaining the impeccable appearance of each element, including the fence, which will ensure a consistent appearance of the entire property.

Nylofor 3D Light II panels are available in three colours: green, fire and anthracite. Other colours are available on request.

The investor has opted for a dark grey colour, which is an interesting companion to the architecture of these buildings. Nylofor 3D Light II fencing panels can be complemented with modern swing and sliding gates Egidia, Nylofor and Robusta. Swing gates are perfect for entrances to individual buildings and for green areas. If in the future the investor decides to extend the fence, the whole system can be completed with the Robusta sliding gate (on the rail or self-supporting). The Robusta sliding gate only requires a smooth installation of the running rail.

Robusta self-supporting gates are a type of sliding gates, in which the bottom rail embedded in the floor has been replaced with a rail located in the bottom bar.

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