The owners of a detached house in Rillaar were looking for a well-designed fence that protected the garden from unwanted visitors, but at the same time offering a flexible privacy solution without sacrificing the unique view of the beautiful natural surroundings.

In consultation with the garden architect, a Zenturo® fence was chosen in combination with Zenturo® Super filled walls, which were filled with Ardennes stones. With a height of 1.50 meters, these provide sufficient privacy and beautiful atmospheric accents in the garden. A matching Zenturo® gate was also integrated. Using the simple installation videos from Betafence, the residents managed to install the total length of 80 meters of fence themselves in one weekend.

The assets in a row:

  • The robust Zenturo® Super panels excel in strength. This exceptional strength is due to the use of double alternating horizontal wires and the extra small meshes. These are even smaller than the classic Zenturo® meshes.
  • Easy installation is indeed one of the main assets of Zenturo® Super panels. The panels can be combined with two residential post systems, more specifically the Bekaclip posts for mounting using brackets or the Zenturo post system for filled walls. This system is mounted with spider clamps.
  • The third trump card in the list is the striking functional design. What immediately catches the eye is the high design content of Zenturo® Super. An aesthetic addition to any garden, either as a single fence or as a basis for the creation of a filled wall. The narrower mesh allows for a wide variety of fillings, which always results in an original whole.

If you choose Zenturo® Super, you choose a complete system. Not only does this system consist of panels available in different heights, but the panels can also be installed with two types of posts with their own specific fixing system. Add to this the Zenturo® swing gate and the realization of a unique, safe fence is a fact. The constituent parts: The range of Zenturo® Super panels includes six dimensions, each with a width of 2005 mm and various heights, more specifically 655, 955, 1255, 1555, 1705 and 2005 mm. This certainly includes the height of your preference.

The various constituent elements in detail:

  • Flat panels with double alternating wires for extra strength. The panels are offered in two mesh variants, being 100 x 50 mm and 50 x 50 mm. The horizontal wire diameter is 5 mm, the vertical wire diameter is 4.15 mm. Various contemporary panel infills give a personalized touch to the fence. For example, there are the snap-in Pixels in polypropylene, the Flexo strips to weave horizontally or vertically into the panels and the Perfo strips to weave vertically into the panel, perforated strips in stainless steel with the alternating hole pattern.
  • For mounting on top of the filled wall, Betafence developed a cover panel in anthracite with a wire diameter of 3.80 mm.
  • The Bekaclip metal posts are compatible with Zenturo® Super panels and are mounted with brackets. They have a diameter of 48 mm.
  • The rectangular Zenturo® posts have a cross-section of 120 x 40 mm, a wall thickness of 2 mm and are mounted using spider clamps. Here it is also possible to provide piles with a height of up to 2000 mm with a welded base plate for installation on a wall or a concrete surface.

Of course, the range is completed with Zenturo® swing gates, available in single or double versions.

Material properties: Zenturo® Super panels are made of galvanized wire. To obtain a reliable adhesion with the polyester final layer, an adhesion layer of at least 100 microns is applied. The piles are also galvanized internally and externally with a minimum layer thickness of 275 g/m², in accordance with Euronorm 10346. The subsequent adhesion layer applied has a thickness of at least 60 microns. Finishing is done with a polyester laminated layer.

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