Securifor 2D, a delimitation of the house was laid with drystack of inlayed square piles on a very high existing wall, made with local stone.

The aesthetic result is of great value with maximum landscape integration. Some solutions, based on a comprehensive approach of intervention, were developed for the specific project. In fact, compared to a standard application, some changes were designed and developed ad hoc: - To increase the security level: the plates were studied and decentralized keeping the 4 holes only in the back of the fence (to prevent the insertion of fingers and the eventual trespassing).

  • To fit the difference in height: poles with non-standard heights were manufactured.
  • Expedients to enhance the visual result: personalized changes were foreseen in some places, as there are very short changes of direction and consequently it was not possible to consider the use double post which would have resulted unaesthetic, it was decided to bending the panels.
  • The fence has been folded to also be laid even on curved sections.
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