Delay is the time a fence offers resistance to intruders

Long distance tracks with diverse security risks for different zones require fencing with various delay factors. This is also the case for the track of the Eurostar on Belgian territory. The Eurostar in Belgium passes through rural, urban, and station zones. Project leaders at TUC and Eurostations called on Betafence's know-how in the field of large-scale fencing project in order to determine and install the right fencing system for each zone. For rural areas, a selection was made for Ursus AS Medium because this dimensionally stable fencing integrates itself excellently with the landscape. The digressive meshing from the bottom even prevents young or small animals from getting onto the tracks. In the inhabited zones, Fortinet Medium met the safety and aesthetics criteria perfectly. Small square meshes and heavy vertical wires provide this fencing with the required rigidity.

Finally, the most severe security requirements apply for the stations and the exchanges. So the choice for Securifor was obvious here as well. The fine-mesh and welded structure of the panels is practically impossible to climb or to cut through. Thanks to Betafence, the super-fast Eurostar is cruising across the country in harmony with the environment and with optimal security.

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