The construction of the harbour of Tanger Med started in 2003.

The harbour began its activity in 2007 and in 2016 the total capacity will come to 8 million containers. Since the beginning, Betafence has been chosen as partner for all fences in and around the harbour. The experience gained with big fencing projects in infrastructure was a major advantage for Betafence. The quality of the products was also a major issue due to the highly corrosive environment. Till now, Betafence has delivered 35 km of different fence types and 17 access gates. The contract includes several products and applications such as movable security fencing of 3m high, medium security fencing of 3.5m high (Nylofor 2DS/XL) and high security fencing of 4.5m high (Securifor 2D) as well as big motorized sliding gates for the main entrances of the port (Bekamatic SC). The first delivery started in 2007 and had been continued since.

Customer requirements: A port environment places special demands on fencing. The sea air rapidly promotes corrosion while, the often heavy winds require the ultimate in fence strength and solidity. The quality of our offered solution was the decisive factor of this project. Solution: Various systems were developed; from a standard solution to a mobile solution to a high security solution with a height of 4.5 m. In addition to the fencing, ten large self- supporting and motorised sliding gates were, supplied; each equipped with the latest automated access control systems. Why did the customer choose Betafence? The Betafence solutions are in the top segment in the perimeter security sector and include solid fencing, access control and detection systems. The customer was extremely satisfied with the Betafence approach to Tanger Med 1 and consequently awarded the expansion project for the port (ferry port and pedestrians) to us. Seven kilometres additional fencing will be added in the second phase.

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