Zenturo® is a universal contemporary fence with an unlimited number of uses.

This is exactly what caught the attention of the owner of a private house in Carlsbourg. Being able to become the architect of your own fence was very attractive. Aesthetics was an important element, but the fact of no longer having maintenance was even more important. This is why the existing hedge - 36 years old and much too wide - was removed and then replaced by a Zenturo® Classic fence with a total length of 40 metres and a height of 125 cm.

An overview of the assets:

  • Contemporary and innovative design: with the combination of several mesh sizes and alternating horizontal wires, this wrinkle-free panel has been developed for residential applications. Extra trendy element: the standard color metallic anthracite.
  • What makes the fence even more attractive are the different customization options. Thanks to the integration of unique accessories, each fence has an individual character.
  • In addition to these accessories, a Zenturo® panel fence still offers many possibilities of use: simply as a fence panel, but also for the creation of private and hidden spaces, as a support for climbing plants or even as design and a decorative element in the garden. Versatility is a clear advantage.
  • Finally, an advantage that comes back to all Betafence fencing systems: easy installation, in combination with Bekaclip residential poles and Bekafor clamps.

The components: Zenturo® panels are available in six heights (655, 955, 1255, 1255, 1555, 1705 and 2005 mm) and are 2005 mm wide. For installation on flat ground and as a standard fence (not for sloping ground or as a filled wall), the different lengths of the posts to be sealed are 1100, 1500, 1700, 2000, 2300 and 2500 mm. The different components in detail:

  • Zenturo® panels are flat, with an original combination of different meshes, optionally in 100 x 100 mm, 100 x 50 mm and 50 x 50 mm. The rigidity of the panels is achieved by alternating horizontal wires (diameter: 5 mm).
  • Bekaclip posts are available in metallic anthracite. They have been developed specifically for residential applications.
  • Pixels, Flexo Strips, and Perfo Strips are the trendy accessories that make each Zenturo® fence truly unique. Attention: if you want to fill the panel completely with strips, you must use posts with a larger diameter.
  • The Zenturo® system is complemented by swing gates in this range, available in single or double versions.

The materials: Zenturo® panels are of impeccable quality, thanks to the solid coating. The panels are made of galvanized wire. Before laminating them with polyester (minimum thickness: 100 microns), an adhesion layer is applied. The posts are made of welded and galvanized tubes inside and outside (minimum thickness: 275 g/m², both sides combined). Then, the finishing is done with a polyester layer with a minimum thickness of 60 microns.

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