Supply fence system conceived for protecting gardens and external perimeters of residential terrace buildings and apartments.

Installation: it’s a versatile installation as it can be used not only for the external perimeters but also as a partition for internal apartment gardens or gardens of terrace buildings on sloping grounds and with corners. Why it is used: to add a touch of distinction to a stylish home as an alternative solution to the standard stone walls for creating outdoor privacy and privacy between apartments. Zenturo has been an immediate success with its innovative geometric design that matches building with contemporary architectures giving the home most distinctive feature. The privacy is guaranteed by using Zenturo installed as a gabion e.g. filled with stones or as a climbing plants support. The possibility to create a gabion with decorative elements has captured the attention of the customer. Advantages: Zenturo is easy to install and it is proven by the fact that installers didn’t have any installation problems even if it was the first time they mounted these types of panels. Furthermore they saved time and cost of materials so they reduced the installation costs as it was enough to put the posts in the dug holes and then add concrete.

On the contrary to make stone walls it would have been necessary to create concrete curbs and then realize each wall.

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