The owners of a private house in Auderghem wanted to replace a soft green fence, very damaged, with an elegant and solid fence.

They had the experience that people had already tried to climb the fence several times to access the surrounding gardens. Another requirement was easy assembly and installation since the owners were not professionals in this respect. After an internet search and a visit to Betafence's stand Batibouw, we discovered the perfect solution: a Zenturo® filled wall with Zenturo® Super panels. The fence is made of anthracite, which is the color that best matches the terrace and the filler stones.

The owners are very satisfied with the result. The Zenturo® Super filled wall (length 4 m, height 2 m) is elegant, sober and fits perfectly into the surroundings. An overview of the assets:

  • Zenturo® Super panels are extremely rigid, thanks to the use of alternating horizontal double threads and small meshes.
  • Contemporary design: the panels can be accessorized with filling elements such as Flexo Strip, Perfo Strip and Pixel Zenturo. The result is a personalized fence.
  • The panels can be mounted with Zenturo posts. The filled walls that are created in this way are the perfect combination of aesthetics and safety.
  • Versatility is another asset. Indeed, this fencing system is, according to individual needs, available with panels available in several heights.

In addition, it is compatible with two types of posts. To complete this, portals and gates with the same signature are available. - A recurring feature in all Betafence ranges is the easy installation. These panels can be combined with two residential post systems, i. e. Bekaclip post and Zenturo post, in order to create decorative filled walls in a user-friendly way.

The components: The Zenturo® Super range consists of 6-panel sizes, each with a width of 2005 mm and variable heights, more specifically 655, 955, 1255, 1555, 1705 and 2005 mm. The height of your preference is probably there. The different components in detail: - Flat panels with alternating horizontal double wires provide excellent rigidity. The panels are available in two mesh sizes (100 x 50 mm and 50 x 50 mm). The diameter of the horizontal wires is 5 mm, that of the vertical wires 4.15 mm. Various trendy accessories give the panels a personalized look: Zenturo polypropylene pixels, Flexo Strips to be woven horizontally or vertically through the meshes and Perfo Strips, which are perforated stainless steel strips.

  • To mount to the upper part of the filled wall, Betafence has developed a standard anthracite panel with a wire diameter of 3.80 mm.
  • Bekaclip steel posts are compatible with Zenturo® Super panels and must be installed using clamps. They have a diameter of 48 mm.
  • Zenturo® rectangular posts (120 x 40 mm, thickness 2 mm) are installed using spider clamps. This type of post is also suitable for installation on a wall or concrete floor; in this case, posts with a height up to 2000 mm have a welded plate with inserts on both sides.
  • It goes without saying that this range is completed with Zenturo® swing gates, available in versions with single or double wings.

The materials: Zenturo® Super panels are manufactured with galvanized wires. In order to achieve a solid adhesion with the polyester coating, an adhesion layer of min. 100 microns is applied. The posts are also galvanized inside and outside. This layer has a minimum thickness of 275 g/m², in accordance with European standard 10346. Then, a polyester layer is applied (60microns thickness).

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