For your Privacy

A wide assortment of privacy single and double swing gates are available with the HoriZen system. You can choose between Composite or Aluminium boards infill. 

- Multiple colours and types
- Frame and gate posts in silver or anthracite
- 180° inwards or outwards opening

EN - Flyer HoriZen Swing gates

Betafence guarantee 10 years
Available in :
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South & Central Africa
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Technical Information

HoriZen privacy access control description

HoriZen privacy access control allows you to complete your project with a single or double swing gate. We can offer you an assortment of different infills and in multiple colours.  A specific application tool helps you to compose your panels, depending on your need and creativity. In the final step, you'll get a summary your configuration including all that is needed to compose your system. Try it there

Our guarantee goes up to 10 years. Thanks to the good quality and low maintenance of the HoriZen system, you will be able to enjoy your project for a long time. Check out our supporting videos and additional documentation.

HoriZen privacy swing gates specifications

Gates frame
The standard dimension of the single swing gates is 980 mm wide x 1800 mm high.
The gate frame consists of aluminium profiles of 66 x 40 mm and is polyester coated in anthracite or silver. The corners are mitre welded.

Non-standard single swing gates and all double swing gates are made on request. The frame is made of welded steel profiles of 66 x 40 mm.
The wings are hot dip galvanized & also polyester coated in anthracite or silver. 
Maximum dimensions possibility on request :
- Single swing gates: 900-1800 mm width range and 1800 mm maximum height
- Double swing gates: 3600 mm (both wing combine) and 1800 mm maximum height

A set of 2 gate posts is available for single or double gates. They are made out of profiled steel posts of 80 x 80 mm.
The posts are hot dip galvanized and polyester coated in anthracite or silver. 
Post length is 2550 mm, for installation in concrete. Installation on a plate is not proposed.


- A Built-in lock which is compatible with different types of cylinder

- A 2 set of Aluminium handles: handle/handle or handle/doorknob

- A U-profile: for immediate fixation of Composite & Aluminium boards to the gate posts


All elements need to be ordered separately to offer customer maximum possibilities of personalization.

HoriZen Composite boards infill

Your swing gate is filled with Composite boards. The frame will be in silver or anthracite, depending on the infill. You can choose from 3 different infill versions.

- HoriZen Classic:  Extruded WPC (Wood Polymer Composite) boards (available in sand, almond, anthracite and grey colours). The boards are 150 mm high. The HoriZen Classic boards have two different sides: one plain side while the other side has a horizontal groove. You'll just have to confirm how you would like your wing to be mounted.
HoriZen Classic Boards

- HoriZen XL: Extruded WPC boards (available in anthracite and grey). The boards are 300 mm high. Both sides look the same (plain).
HoriZen XL boards

- HoriZen Platinum: Co-extruded WPC boards (available in brown and grey). The boards are 150 mm high. Both sides look the same (plain). The HoriZen Platinium versions have a special coating which gives an extra protection against stains from water and dirt.
HoriZen platinium boards

HoriZen Aluminum boards infill

The Aluminum boards give your swing gate a clean and modern look. They are coated with an additionnal layer of polyester, and are available in silver and anthracite. The boards dimensions are 150 mmand are assembled in the aluminium frame available in 2 colors : grey and anthracite.
HoriZen Aluminium board

Infill* Type Board infill colours Gate frame colours Gate post colours Width mm** Height mm** Post distance (c/c) mm Required space mm
Composite Classic


980 1800 1010 1090
Composite Platinum Grey Silver Anthracite
980 1800 1010 1090
Composite Platinum Brown Anthracite Anthracite
980 1800 1010 1090
Composite XL Anthracite Anthracite Anthracite
980 1800 1010 1090
Composite XL Grey Silver Anthracite
980 1800 1010 1090

* Single swing gates with Aluminum boards ara available on request. ** Non-standard gate sizes are also only available on request: - single gates: width: min 900, max 1800 mm. height max 1800 mm - double gates: width max 3600 mm, height max 1800 mm