Barriers, Bollards, Turnstile access control

Together with partners, our engineering team develops specific access control equipment to protect and control your entrance: Barriers, turnstiles, bollards, anti-ram, automatic or manual, our project team will guide you to the best choice for your safety.

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Our manual and automated vehicle access barrier team perfectly with our professional fencing systems.

- Complete range
- Reliability
- Access control
- High quality


Our crowd entrance control turnstiles BT4 and BT5 are part of our access control product range that works in perfect combination with our professional fencing systems.

- Simple and fast installation
- Long lifespan
- Operation and detection


PAS 68 crash-rated Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM). BLOKAD retractable bollards provide enhanced protection against vehicular attacks while allowing free pedestrian movement.  Deter attacks and reduce possible injury to people and damage to assets with Betafence's BLOKAD crash-rated bollard. 

 Independently crash tested
- PAS 68 crash-rated
- Hydraulic operation
- Easy integration with other access control systems
- Easy to maintain


The anti-ram vehicle barrier is a certified system that withstands the impact of a vehicular attack, ideal for sensitive sites, borders and high-risk industries. 

- Certified technology
- Stopping power 
- Rapid replacement 
- Solar LED


PAS 68 crash tested & certified wedge road blocker protects entry & exit points. Impressive zero penetration past the wedge. Effective hostile vehicle mitigation.

- PAS 68 crash tested & certified
- Zero penetration
- Stop hostile vehicles
- Hydraulic drive
- Easy & fast installation