All you need to know about Zenturo fencing applications


Betafence Advices in Video


Did you know that with Zenturo® welded fence panels the possibilities are endless?

Watch our 'fency' mascot Ben's advice video. In under 4 minutes you will learn about and discover all the advantages of using our Zenturo panel.

Zenturo panels are available in two meshes sizes for multiple applications such as DIY, gabion wall, trellis for climbing plants, personalized fence, cat fence, and more - the possibilities really are endless.



Want to know more?

Then click on the video now, see Zenturo installed on a slope in Brittany and panels filled with privacy slats to give your garden more privacy and to prevent those nosey neighbours peering in!
You will also discover other application ideas including how our customer created a privacy planter (a great way to create intimacy on your balcony or terrace), or to support the growth of your cherry tomatoes - the perfect treat when your friends get hungry. 


What do you think of our Cat Fence?

A big thank you to Laura who found the unstoppable fence system, with a Zenturo classic panel. During summertime, fresh air is a must but opening your doors and windows can sometimes mean the unwanted escape of an animal such as your pet cat or dog - the solution: a Zenturo panel with pixels. It is easy to install in the door rebate, adding an attractive feature to your home, which will be loved by visitors and animals alike.



And what about our Gabion Zenturo wall?

Have you ever dreamed of a beautiful, attractive wall? If so you'll love our Gabion Zenturo wall - strong, attractive and easy to install. Zenturo gabion walls can fit all architectures, from old to modern, for the short or long fences. Imagine a wall with transparency stone mixed with lava stones and blue light. Our customer recently created this with stunning effect - have you created a stunning gabion wall? Send us your pictures and we will see whats in the Betafence goodie cupboard to say thank you.

Zenturo trellis for climbing plants

Have you ever felt that your plant will never grow because your support was not strong enough to support it. Zenturo panels can help do this too! A wooden structure will brake in a few years and you'll have to cut your wonderful plant.

With Zenturo trellis, we have the solution. Thanks to a specific attachment system called Panofix, you can fix your panel to a wall, allowing spacing between the wall and the trellis. This allows your plant to naturally climb on each side of your panel, entwining the wire. You can also clip on pixels, for an attractive design, whilst waiting for your plant to cover the trellis totally.