Private swimming pool securitization with CreaZen fencing system

What a lovely surprise when we received many pictures from our french e-commerce website Directclotures

Mr. R.S. built his securitization project for its swimming pool alone. Based on technical information given on our website, he drawn its fence and calculate the exact need in panels, posts, accessories, and positioned its swing gate so it fits perfectly. Fifteen days after he placed the order, goods were ready for shipment (Creazen is stocked product in our warehouses).

It's with great experience, after checking our installation video on YouTube, he installed the fence. He was then very proud to share with us many pictures taken under the sun of this pretty nice Region located in the center of France. Should we remind you that CreaZen does not fit the French norm NFP 90-306. In France all in-ground pool should receive a homologate security system. 

But then, why has he chosen CreaZen?

Because of the style, rigidity, and design. In fact homologated models do not suit our customers; moreover, they are mainly sold in white color. As it's always recommended to install a fence around a swimming pool, our customer additionally bought a homologate alarm he placed in the swimming pool. Now, this space benefits of two securities: the fence and the bell.

Be aware that if you do not have an approved system to protect your swimming pool, accident risks are high, and fines are costly.


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