In Vladslo, near Diksmuide in Belgium, a new and well-equipped dog pension is located: "Ter Wilghen". This dog pension offers a pleasant stay to the four-legged friends; This dog pension also offers puppy training, behavioral therapy and advice and they do all this with a lot of passion.

The new dog boarding house is very practical and safe.

Peter Verwilghen explains: "I chose a solid Nylofor 2D fence with square Nylofor posts for the whole perimeter. I preferred the black color because this way the fence is less present and, in a way, disappears into the environment. This fence in black color also looks chic and more modern than the green version. For me, the green color looks cheaper and less aesthetic, so I chose the black color for these solid panels they are effective.

Part of the property is divided into spacious, separate blocks which are individually fenced and enclosed with Egidia 2D swing gates.

The advantages of the Egidia 2D swing gates are fully shown here:

- Same frame filling as the attached fence (Nylofor 2D with double horizontal wires and mesh of 200 x 50 mm).

- Professional built-in lock with hook for extra security

- Universal gate wings and gate posts

- Solid and easily adjustable hinges

- Mitre-welded frame, which contributes to the aesthetic design of the gates.

- Black colour in line with the fence for a harmonious overall appearance.

The panels with matching gates are a secure fence for our dog pension. We also chose this product for our private area. In addition to its versatility, beauty and security, this is an economical product.

The reason for the division into separate blocks is that in this way dogs from different families can enjoy their private play and run areas together (yet individually). These areas will be further equipped in February 2024 with equipment that will be integrated into the teaching : bridge, cat walk, hurdles, tables, seesaw ....

All for the pleasure of dogs and owner but also with an eye for safety and beauty.

In addition, the dog pension is located in a beautiful, quiet environment.

Whoever also wishes to give his or her dog a pleasant stay, can rest assured that his or her dog will stay in a safe place.

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