Unusual gabion mazes on the hill The city park in Mielec is a unique area of post-glacial origin.

The sand dune in the park was formed during the Pleistocene period, and its highest point is located at a height of 185 meters above sea level. The whole area is covered with trees, and the charm of is complemented by an artificial stream, which after dark is illuminated by a blue light imitating the flowing water. The southern entrance of the park is diversified by the gabion maze, which is mainly enjoyed by the youngest. The arrangement of the entire Cyranowska Mountain complex was complemented by gabion stairs, benches and a lighting system. Barracks converted into beautiful architecture In the very heart of Mielec, on a hill called Góra Cyranowska, until recently, civil protection barracks, surrounded by forests and wasteland were located. It was a beautiful area that begged for refreshment and modernization. In 2013, the budget was funded by the EU funds and revitalization works started at full steam. Project supported by engineering knowledge The PeterPan design office worked on the concept of park development. Architects came across the Betafence project from Great Britain - a maze made of gabion baskets - and they became very interested in it.

With the support of our Gabion's Project Team, a plan was developed to transform the Cyranowska Mountain into a unique place of rest and relaxation. Gabion stairs to the top The park in Mielec is located on a large hill - the highest point is 185 meters above sea level. To reach the summit, two communication routes were built: • The first is a wide staircase that leads from the main street steeply up. In order to visually enrich the route, instead of a handrail, on both sides, picturesque gabion walls in a stepped form were installed.

  • The second route leads more gently on the escarpment, and it's supported by gabion walls. Don't get lost in the maze!

The most spectacular elements of the park are two labyrinths made of gabions. Gabion baskets were arranged in various swirls and corridors, in which one can "wander" looking for an exit. The land was strewn here with tiny pebbles, so the "lost wanderer" can finally be located after shuffling. Benches wrapped in gabions Throughout the park, also along the stairs and paths leading to the top, a number of benches have been set up where you can rest after climbing. In the park, you can find small enclaves of peace and quiet surrounded by walls made of gabions. Wait for the bus in the company of gabion There are bus stops on the main street at the foot of the Cyranowska Mountain. They were also enriched with gabions to make the time of waiting for transport more enjoying for travelers. They also create a coherent arrangement of space in this city area. At the shelters, gabion walls have been erected, after which swords and roses will soon fall. On the benches set in front of the gabions, you can sit down with pleasure even if you do not have to wait for a bus. 600 m3 of gabions decorating the park Currently, 600 m3 of gabion baskets filled with granite blocks are installed in the Mielec park. Installation works lasted several months at the turn of 2013 and 2014. On behalf of Betafence, our partner - Metmesh company - took care of the project. The cost of the gabions themselves (without stone filling) is about PLN 200,000. The project presented by the PeterPan office expands even further to other parts of the hill, where the gabion walls in the shape of a DNA chain were planned to be installed. We hope that soon we will write about these extraordinary gabion constructions as well.

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