Horizen panels in a remarkable combination with the Zenturo gabion wall The owner of a private dental office in Oświęcim decided to cover one side of his property with opaque panels to block off the road and tall buildings.

He wanted to achieve maximum privacy. Horizen panels and posts were selected for the task. Horizen panels were made and installed in different heights because the fence was placed on the slop. Horizen panels have been designed with current trends in mind, referring to minimalism and simple lines. However, not only design is their advantage. Thanks to the horizontal arrangement of the rungs - they will provide the owner with a sense of privacy and security. They are mostly opaque, and the small distances between rungs make it difficult to climb by intruders. This advantage of the panels convinced the owner of the property, who, apart from privacy, also values security.

What's more, all elements of the Horizen fence - apart from the panels there are also single swing gates, double swing gates, and sliding gates as well as posts - have been designed to create one coherent line. They are available in many colours, which you can match to the colours of the house and property. In turn, the coatings that were used to produce them will ensure their long-term use. An additional diversification in the appearance of the whole fence is one side of the property fenced by two segments of the Zenturo gabion wall with a granite block filling. Why did the owner decide on a gabion wall? Gabion walls are well-known and popular products made of joined panels, which can be filled with, for example, stones, wood or even elegant glass. Their basic advantage is, of course, an unconventional and elegant look. Moreover, thanks to their construction and tightness, they are able to suppress the noises coming from behind the property. The soundproofing feature was one of the objectives of the fence, which was met thanks to the gabion walls with adequate filling. Gabion walls and gabions (made of metal baskets), as in this case, can be an integral part of the fence. Some people decide to build foundations and columns from gabions. Others go even further and they decide to build an entire fence of these products.

Effect? Comfortable spending time in the garden. Gabion walls can also be an interesting element of garden architecture or a shutter (eg. for a composter or a place for a barbecue). The corner in the garden can be covered by putting two segments of the gabion wall at right angles. Thanks to this, we gain a guarantee of peace and quiet. Filled with organic material, such as cones or stumps, they will also help neutralize intense aromas from even the barbecue. What's more, the walls can be used as a support for climbing plants. Deciding on gabion walls, we can not forget about choosing the right posts. In this case, they will be Zenturo posts. Their unique construction will enable the construction of stable walls that can withstand gusts of even strong wind (up to 120 km / h).

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