Gabion wall as a business card of the company

The Talmex company from Jaworzno (located in southern Poland, in the Silesian province) decided to use the gabion wall as a decorative element of its company. In front of the office building, a 2-meter high gabion wall was erected on the bend and then equipped with the company's logo. Thanks to this decision, the company has acquired an eye-catching element on the front of the property, which distinguishes them from the environment. In addition, the uniform filling of the wall is an ideal background for the company logo, which has become visible to passers-by and passing cars even from a greater distance. The gabion wall, in addition to its aesthetic advantages, also has a number of functional advantages. First of all, thanks to the use of a high wall, the property is partially obscured which provides a sense of privacy for the company's clients and its employees.

What other advantages does the gabion wall have? Gabion is, in fact, a basket made of a welded steel mesh, coated with a special Zincalu alloy or additionally with polyester powder. Gabions can be filled with different types of materials, such as stones, wood or recycled glass. Thanks to this, the company has the ability to match the filling to the style of the environment and the company itself. Correctly placed gabions can withstand very large side loads, therefore they have a wide range of applications. Originally they were mainly used in infrastructure as retaining walls at slopes and on river banks. If the property (company or private) is situated on a slope or there are differences in levels, you can use the gabions as supporting and protecting elements of the area. Complementary elements of gabions on the entire length of the property are Nylofor 3D panels. They are mounted on rectangular posts with collets. The Nylofor 3D system is the perfect solution for companies.

Why? Nylofor 3D fence panels are made of galvanized steel wires coated with a high-strength polyester coating. The durability of the coating is achieved thanks to the thermosetting processes at high temperatures. Thanks to this, you do not have to worry about frequent maintenance of the fence, as is the case with wooden fences. For companies investing in the fencing of a large area, this is an extremely important element that influences the purchase decision. Nylofor 3D panels have additional horizontal profiling, which gives them additional stiffness. This is also very important in the case of company sites. Thanks to this, the fence is durable and harder to penetrate. The place of entry and exit from the property is one of the most important points to secure, therefore the right selection of gates is extremely important. These elements should not only be adapted to the aesthetics of the entire fence but above all to fulfil the protective function and access control. With this in mind, the Talmex company decided to choose the Egidia single swing gate with Nylofor 3D infill to protect the entrances to warehouses located on the company premises.

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