Fire brigade unit protected by the Nylofor 3D system In Katowice Zarzecze (one of the districts of the city) there is a volunteer fire brigade unit.

In 2009, it was decided to strengthen the safety of this place and put a solid plot separating this place from other areas. No wonder that the people responsible for the selection of the fence system decided to cooperate with Betafence. Our many years of experience and durable realizations are the showcases of the company. In addition, the proximity to our factory in Poland and the ease of contact with our sales team ultimately convinced the investor to choose our company's products supported by the local installer. For the investors, as well as for every other customer, the delivery time also played a key role. No wonder then that Betafence was their choice. In order to fuse and protect the building of the Volunteer Fire Brigade in Zarzecze, it was decided to install the Nylofor 3D system.

Why is this the most common choice for this type of order? This is mainly related to its properties: Nylofor 3D panels are welded from galvanized wires and then protected with an anti-corrosion coating. They have 2.3 or 4 inflections depending on the height of the panel. Each wire has a diameter of 5mm and a mesh size of 200x50mm. On this installation, the mounted panels were 2.03 meters high and 2.50 meters wide. Panels from the Nylofor system can be mounted on different posts, depending on the expected stiffness. Starting with posts that do not require accessories like Quixolid Plus ending with posts with clamps and connectors. When we select the first ones, we gain the ease of assembly and an excellent anti-corrosion coating. Posts with clamps provide additional long-term use without the need for renovation. You can not forget that the fence is mainly used to protect the property, but it is also a solution that will help to present the identity of your company. The fence is the first one that your office visitor will see. The situation is similar to a fire brigade building. Betafence offers Nylofor 3D panels in many colors from the RAL palette (provided the required minimum quantity) on request. In Katowice, a permanent, resistant and durable fence was needed. Horizontal profiling gives additional rigidity of Nylofor 3D panels, thanks to which the entire fence system will effectively protect the area of any company or workshop.

It works great in public buildings. All elements of the system have been designed in such a way that the assembly proceeds quickly and professionally. So it happened also this time. For several years now, these Nylofor 3D panels are protecting firemen station as firefighters protect our lives! Red panels that interact with the unit in Katowice have been selected which perfectly harmonizes with the brick building of the fire brigade. The customer decided to install the Nylofor 3D system due to its stiffness and a special coating that will last a long time. You can not forget about the pole, which gives the entire installation additional hardness. Finally, we would like to thank the Firefighters from Katowice for the selection of Betafence products, their everyday difficult work on the protection of the environment, our families and companies. We hope that the Nylofor 3D system will be there with you for many years.

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