Covering an area of 450,000 square meters, Corto Maltese park, better known as the “ Park of Comics” thanks to the presence of a large number of panels dedicated to the most famous Italian Cartoons, is the largest green and historic area in Torrino Mezzocammino, located south of the EUR district, in Rome.

The realization of this park as well as its safety measures are part of a project for developing green areas in Rome. It is a place designed for families with children where they can play in dedicated play areas and enjoy the atmosphere and for sportsmen who can find trails for running, walking, biking and skating. For the realization of this park some fundamental requirements in the design of urban public spaces have been taken into consideration: the safety of the area, good night lighting and the harmonious integration of the natural landscape and urban context. The choice of good materials has been also essential to ensure quality over the years and harmony with the environment. These criteria are also applied in perimeter protection systems, starting with security and safety features. First of all, considering the types of users, the customer required the demarcation of the area so that children can play safely during the day. In the second place, that the park could be closed during the night to prevent possible intrusion and vandalisms. As a total supplier of perimeter security, Betafence is specialized in providing fencing solutions for play areas according to the security level required. The proposed soltutions are constantly compliant with the European standards UNI EN 1176-1177 which specify the technical standards required in the design of equipment for playgrounds.

For what concerns fences, they set standards for the vertical elements by specifying a minimum distance at 89 cm for preventing entanglements. (Head and neck entrapment) In accordance with customer needs, the Betafence experts have chosen Nylofor 3D PRO. A complete high quality fencing system characterized by high strength and rigidity. Developed for a low cost installation with long life time, it offers an excellent price/quality rate and high longevity. The results achieved have been very good. The work has been fast and convenient, thanks to the easy installation with the use of Bekafix post without the need of additional accessories.

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