Private property fenced with Nylofor 3D panels

Owners of the property in Starkówiec Piątkowski decided to use Nylofor 3D fence panels to protect it. Starkówiec Piątkowski is a village in Poland located in the Greater Poland Voivodeship with a small number of inhabitants. Therefore, the owners of the property decided to choose open panels that set the boundaries of the property (the fence is 365 m long), with the possibility of adding the Nylofor Screeno Line privacy fencing. Nylofor Screeno Line is a PVC privacy system dedicated to Nylofor 3D fence panels, Nylofor 3D Pro and Nylofor 3D Light II (2.5 m wide). Screeno Line screens are available in green, anthracite and imitation of light and dark wood.

Why was the possibility of installing privacy system important? At the moment, the owners wanted to have an open space, but they also wanted to be able to have more privacy in the garden in the future. Additional advantages of Nylofor Screeno Line screens are:

  • They are very durable - made of rigid plastic; 10-year warranty on the durability of the color
  • They are available in several colors - which can be adapted to the color of the fence
  • Easy installation - in the form of slats, which slides into the existing fence What are the advantages of Nylofor 3D panels that convinced owners?
  • Nylofor 3D fence panels are made of galvanized steel wires coated with a high-strength polyester coating. The durability of the coating is achieved thanks to the thermosetting processes at high temperatures.

Thanks to this, you do not have to worry about frequent maintenance of the fence, as is the case with wooden fences. Longevity of the fence is one of those features that every customer who buys a new fence should pay attention to. Meanwhile, this topic is often overlooked, because the main emphasis are on the price of the product, ensuring the security of the property or attractive appearance. Frequent maintenance or replacement of the fence will not bother you if you pay attention to what coating technology was used while purchasing the fence. At Betafence, we focus on perfect preparation of each product for use. One of the techniques we use is galvanizing (applying a layer of zinc on wires), effectively protecting steel against oxidation and, as a result, corrosion. In addition, in many of our products we use synthetic coatings, which not only strengthen the galvanizing effect, but also look very elegant.

The fences protected in this way are therefore both safe and visually appealing.

  • Horizontal profiling gives additional stiffness to panels, thanks to which the entire fence system will effectively protect your area. All elements of the system have been designed for quick and professional installation.
  • The Nylofor 3D system is normally available in green.

This color is ideally suited to highlight the plants in the garden. The implementation was carried out in 2016 by PEMA.

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