Pantanet Family protects Villa Capri in Chorzów Villa Capri is a housing estate in Chorzów, which consists of two buildings designed in the Italian style.

The estate was built in close proximity to the Silesian Park, Planetarium and Ethnographic Park, i.e. in the cultural heart of the city. In addition, the estate enjoys the closeness of nature. The investment was inspired by Italian design, which was combined with functionality. The entire investment was completed by a perfectly matched fence. Investors have decided on the Pantanet Family fencing, which separated the estate area, at a length of 150 meters, from a nearby supermarket and other neighbouring buildings. Why the Pantanet Family fencing was chosen? One of the main criteria for choosing a fence was its design. First of all, it was supposed to match the modern architectural style of housing estates and green surroundings. The rectangular mesh of the Pantanet Family gives the entire fence elegance, and the green colour perfectly matches the surroundings. Thanks to this, the fence seems to be barely noticeable, and the whole property gains lightness. The grid is also available in anthracite colour, which can additionally emphasize the mesh design. In the case of Villa Capri, the height of the fence was also important. It is a housing estate, and the main purpose of fencing is to protect residents, especially children. Therefore, the fence should be high enough so that children can not get through them freely, e.g. to the street. Investors decided on a height of 1.83 m to create a safe space for residents and a clear boundary of the property. The Pantanet Family mesh wires have been galvanized and covered with a high-quality PVC coating resistant to corrosion, high and low temperatures as well as UV radiation. Thanks to this, the fence will look like new for years without the need for regular maintenance. In the case of residential buildings, appropriate protection of the fence is extremely important.

The Pantent Family mesh is mounted on steel Bekaclip posts. The system can also be complemented with Fortinet swing gates with a similar fill shape, and sliding gates that ensure maximum comfort of use. The possibility of expanding the system is also one of the most important elements for developers. Thanks to this, they can easily expand the complex in the future without having to replace the fence. Villa Capri also has underground garages that have been secured with Nylofor 3D Light II panels and the Egidia 3D swing gates in galvanized execution. Nylofor 3D Light II panels are a great solution for particularly sensitive buildings, such as parking lots. Due to their structure (rectangular mesh and horizontal profiling) the panels have a high resistance to deformation, which makes them more difficult to force. The entire solid structure of the panels with horizontal profiling and a thick wire with a diameter of 4 mm ensures the high rigidity of the system and guarantees effective protection of the area.

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