Looking for a way to create privacy in your garden?

The arrival of new neighbours posed this question for one of French customers who had already installed green Nylofor 3D Pro panels and Bekafix posts to create a boundary fence, several years earlier. Screeno-Line privacy slats meant they could infill their existing fence creating a more tranquil, private garden as the Screeno-Line slats simply attached to their existing panels bottom horizontal wires.

When the customer originally bought their fence the ‘in color’ was green – a popular choice for many fences, rolls or panels at the time However, in recent years this has changed and we now see more and more demand for anthracite fences.

So, our customers question was: will anthracite privacy slats look good with green fencing panels?

The answer a big YES - thanks to the pictures the customer sent us you can see the perfect match between green and anthracite! Their project incorporated 14 Nylofor Pro panels in two heights 1.53 and 1.73, i.e. 35 meters length. These panels have 3 horizontal profiles (available in heights from 1.53 meters), which help the PVC slats to be perfectly placed into the fence panel. Finished with an attractive top rail they now have the perfect privacy solution.

Ready to install it in your garden? Consult one of our distributors and ask for Screeno-Line

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