Private property in Oświęcim has been fenced with the Pantanet Family fencing roll

The property stands a bit aside near the forest, which is why it required fencing on each side, with particular emphasis on the forest side. The owners decided on the fencing roll because, at the moment, they did not want to separate themselves from the beautiful surroundings and nature. To emphasize the consistency with the surroundings, they chose the green colour of the grid.

What other advantages does the Pantanet Family fencing roll have?

  • Rectangular mesh eyes give the fence a touch of elegance that you can additionally emphasize with anthracite colour. The fencing roll is also available in a green colour, which will perfectly harmonize with your garden. Anthracite colour was undoubtedly one of the most popular in 2017, but in the case of properties surrounded by greenery, the green colour perfectly melts with flora, both the surrounding property and the garden. Depending on your needs, you can choose from seven different heights.
  • The Pantanet Family fencing rolls have been galvanized and covered with a high-quality PVC coating resistant to corrosion, high and low temperatures as well as UV radiation. Thanks to this, your fence will look like new for years without the need for regular maintenance. One of the requirements set by the owners was to choose a fence that does not require frequent and time-consuming work on maintenance (the fence is 21 meters long).
  • The mesh is installed on steel Bekaclip posts.

The system can is complemented by Fortinet swing gates with a similar fill shape and sliding gates that will give you the maximum comfort of use of the fence. In the discussed case, the fence was completed with an Egidia 3D single-swing gate. Choosing a fence is definitely worth considering and appropriate gate. It is a particularly sensitive place that provides access to our property and therefore requires special attention. While choosing a gate, we should know the answer to this questions: - How often will we use the gate daily? - Is there a place on your property for the gate open inward? - Do you have time to regularly take care of the cleanliness around the gate? These questions will set our requirements that the gateway must meet.

So what are the advantages of the swing gates? Undoubtedly its aesthetics and the lack of need for regular cleaning of mechanical parts. In the case of swing gates, we must bear in mind that it can be difficult to open in the event of strong gusts of wind, therefore, for full comfort, we recommend buying automation. However - what is worth emphasizing - it is more expensive than in the case of automatic for sliding gate. On the other hand, the sliding gate is a solution recommended for properties without enough space in the driveway to install the swing gate. An important advantage of sliding gates is their much wider choice of available widths, which makes it easier to fit the product to your needs.

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