Betafence secures access to Luxembourg The closed refugee centre in Luxembourg is a reception area for people without a valid residence permit, pending their return to their country of origin.

During that time they receive individual psychosocial support. Faced with the task of building the centre, the Board of the Public Buildings of the Great Duchy of Luxembourg decided to have a look at similar projects in the Netherlands. The fencing should prevent asylum seekers from leaving the centre without consent, and unauthorised outsiders from coming in. The Board therefore opted for Securifor 2D panel fencing mounted on rectangular posts. Securifor 2D is the ultimate heavy welded panel which combines a high degree of security with a discreet visual impact. The latter aspect ensures a smooth integration into the surrounding area and excellent transparency.

The view outside is important for camera surveillance and limits the psychological impact (the feeling of being locked up) for the asylum seekers. Nevertheless Securifor 2D meets all the requirements in terms of rigidity thanks to the double, 4 mm thick horizontal wires that recur every 152.4 mm. In line with the entire Securifor family, the small apertures and heavy wire diameter make this fence very hard to climb or destroy. On the outside, the top of the fence is equipped with Concertina, wire with razor sharp picks, ensuring that the fence is as good as impossible to climb over. Posts and panels are finished in a modern anthracite colour, a clean match with the prefab concrete of the outer walls.

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