Location: Singapore

Product Used: Tempofor® range

With more than 250 000 spectators expected at the F1 street race in Singapore, event organisers had very specific logistical and pedestrian safety requirements for temporary fencing.

Working in conjunction with KBR (who designed the circuit), Betafence designed a workable temporary perimeter solution that addressed the unique needs of the project, including:

  • spectator safety and movement control
  • privacy screening
  • minimal installation and removal
  • easy storage and transportation
  • flexibility to accommodate changing requirement

Ultimately, more than 20 km of fencing was used on and around the circuit.

In 2008, the Formula 1 circus came to Singapore for the first time for a unique night race in the city centre. This high-profile and impressive event however entailed huge challenges regarding safety. In total this more than 20 kilometres of fencing was required for the perimeter security and guiding of the audience on and around the city circuit. Due to the location, short installation and removal times, and ease of storage and transportation were key requirements. Betafence designed a solution using Tempofor F, Tempofor C and mobile Nylofor and Decofor systems, including gates and storage racks. The organisers considered this proposal the most efficient, so that Betafence was awarded the contract. Thanks to Betafence this event could take place in the safest circumstances for both racers and spectators.

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