This design house is located in Plouzané, Britanny, west part of France

Its owner selected Zenturo fences to answer its miscellaneous needs due to the specification of the property. At the back of the house, the garden is in slope, and posts need to be installed into concrete plots. In between homes, it's flat but on a pavement and at the front, they are many angles, and a specific place to position dustbin, to be hidden from the street. All these specifications are possible with the unique fence system Zenturo associated with Bekafix posts. The slope is easy to manage, and the concrete base plates can be mounted without additional accessories. In the flat area, posts with base plates were used, and at the front, the Bekafix post can efficiently manage the angles. On top of it, the panels being around the dustbin corner were installed with occultation: Perfo stips and Pixel to create design and intimacy. This project represents 120 ml installed, which secured and enhanced this very nice and modern house.

Plouzané is a town of approx. 4 550 inhabitant which belongs to the "Brest community". Plouzané is twinned with several European towns: Kilrush (Irland), Stelle (Germany), Pencoed (United Kingdom) and Ceccano (Italy). Located in Brest harbour area, it's seaboard is about 9 km long. Thus, the exposal to salt spay is very important, and Betafence coating quality is a real advantage for all these fellow citizens who chose our ranges. You mustn't forget that Betafence fences and gates get the best coating against corrosion with additional layers of polyester or PVC, depending on the product selection. It answers to specific tests done in an independent laboratory.

Don't hesitate to consult our page on Betafence guaranty, which can go up to 10 years, excluding installation costs. Do you love it? Then consult us!

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