The perfect combination of Zenturo Classic welded mesh panel and Zenturo Wall The Polish customer of Ledwoń located in Zduńska Wola choose the Zenturo Classic panels and combined them with Zenturo wall to enhance the modern house architecture.

With this choice, the house and the fence create the perfect modern duo. Why did he choose this combination?

  • The Zenturo Wall provides privacy in the chosen parts of the garden. You can also adjust the colour of the fence to the colour of the house, by filling the wall with a tree bark.
  • The Zenturo Classic welded mesh panels will enable support for the future plants in the garden.
  • The combination of those two provides the modern design and possibility to change the fence in the future but changing the filling of the Zenturo Wall. These Zenturo Classic panels have a dual function: a fencing system and also climbing support for plants. You can then harmonize your fence to your garden and wall decoration, for a harmonious look.

Combining them with the Zenturo Wall creates a space with different privacy zones, the owners will be able to show their garden and also hide the part of it. Zenturo Classic is available in an anthracite colour and other colours are available on the request. You can also combine panels with pixels and Flexo tape in the same anthracite colour. The Zenturo wall, on the other hand, is available only in an anthracite colour. You can also use Zenturo Wall as the element to create the garden architecture.

The house is surrounded with a lot of greens that’s why the Zenturo Wall with its natural filling perfectly matches the house architecture. The house is located in Zduńska Wola, the city located in central part of Poland. This part of Poland is located on the plain ground with a lot of suns. That’s why the garden plays a big part in this architecture project. The new modern way of designing houses perfectly matches the Zenturo panels and Wall design with their bar arrangements.

If you are the person that likes to change the surroundings quite often the Zenturo Wall is perfect for you! Why? Because you can change the filling whenever you like. You can choose from white pebbles, tree bark, basalt stones, split stones, coconut shells, bamboo stems, dry branches and tree trunks and many other materials. You can also mix them and create your own personal Zenturo Wall.

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