Parking fence at the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum In Oświęcim. In Oświęcim, there are remains of the largest of the Nazi concentration and extermination camps – KL Auschwitz.

Two years after World War II specially appointed museum took care of this place. Today, the Memorial Site is primarily a huge collection, archives, and a science center, as well as a publishing house and a conservatory. It is two parts of former camp Auschwitz and Birkenau, which help educate people all around the globe. Yearly more than two and a half million travelers come here to discover the darkest pages of 20th-century history. Without a doubt, it is one of the most visited places in Poland. In 2015 nearby former concentration camp a new car park was built. It’s a vast area where more than hundreds of cars and buses can park. Such a huge space needs constant supervision, but also a clear selection of its borders. Time is also worth its weight here.

The customer could not devote so much to the subsequent maintenance of the installation we created. It was not a surprise that designers needed a fence that would be extremely durable and did not require regular care. That is why they decided to secure this whole area with Nylofor 3D panels installed on EL posts, which stand out for their excellent stiffness.

Why do Nylofor 3D panels owe unusual resistance to external factors? The secret is the material from which they are made of. Galvanized steel wire covered with a polyester coating is characterized by very high durability. The durability of this coating is obtained in thermosetting processes at high temperatures. Horizontal profiling of the panels and thick wires with a diameter of 5mm, of which they are built, stiffen the structure further, thanks to which the Nylofor 3D panels are perfect as fences for public spaces and buildings. As they can appear in different color versions, there appeared a doubt what color to choose for the fence located at the authentic Memorial Site. However, a decision was made quickly that the subdued, almost ascetic, gray color is the best solution for this investment. We have completed the entire fence system with both swing and sliding gates. In Oświęcim, we chose a non-standard single-wing Egidia 3D gate.

Why did we decide to do this? First of all, because it is characterized by solidity and durability - features on which the Client most wanted. This gate is provided by a rigid frame made of square profiles. In addition, a Robusta single-leaf gantry has been installed, whose very strong construction ensures many years of comfort for users. It is not only easy to install, but also has a lot of innovations. It is possible to open the Robusta gate to the left or right, both inside and outside the property. Adjustable hinges also allow movement in the 180 ° range. The entire fence was completed by the sliding gate Egidia. Its resistance to weather conditions guarantees trouble-free use for many years. In addition, the vertical profiles from which it is built have been arranged so as to prevent climbing on it. Everything for the greater safety of people and vehicles that will be found in the enclosed car park. As a result, the new car park at the Memorial Site and the Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum received almost 600 meters of fencing (exactly 590m), which not only withstand even the most difficult conditions but also will not require regular maintenance. It is an enormous advantage for this kind of area. Additionally, thanks to their design, the panels do not overwhelm the Museum visitors and car park users. They only determine the necessary boundary of its area, not covering it against the world. Gray colors and universal design do not interfere with the surroundings. They only emphasize the seriousness of the place where the visitors are.

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