Here we are, on our way to the south of France, on the Famous A6 Highway also known as South Highway. If you went to the south of France or Italy you would go past this rest area, a place to break up your journey and relax whilst your children are enjoying some fresh air in the playground area.

Enjoy peace of mind that your children are safe, as this playground area is fenced with Betafence panels and posts - fenced with 120m of Nylofor 3D Pro panels, 1.23m high on Bekafix posts. You perhaps didn't notice but the edge of the panels is facing downwards, so there is no risk of injury to the children while they are playing. Also, Bekafix posts are very resistant, have no sharp edges, and a soft design. To access this area, the operator APRR has chosen a Robusta single leaf gate.

Did you know works for this highway started in 1953? This was the first one in France, and the first section started from Paris (Porte d'Italie) to Le Coudray-Monceaux: 34 Kilometers in 7 years! Today, this highway is 455km long and has been extended to Lyon - works were finished with the Fourvière tunnel opening in 1971. Since then, the highway was extended to Marseille and the Lyon-Marseille section is called the A7. A commemorative plaque is visible on the Savigny-les-Beaunes area, halfway along the Lille-Paris-Marseille axis, and was inaugurated on October 29th, 1970 by the President of the Republic, Mr. Georges Pompidou.

You are sure to find more playgrounds all along these kilometers, and certainly, a lot of other parks protected with Betafence products. If you too you have nice pictures, don't hesitate to share them with us.

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