Betafence at Portnet Harbour, Durban

Dissuasive fencing systems must prevent incidental trespassers from crossing the boundary.

They form a physical obstacle, which clearly indicates that entry is reserved for authorised persons. The Portnet Harbour in Durban is an example of this type of fencing project. For the complete renovation of perimeter protection of the Durban Harbour, the standards (minimum wire width and mesh size) were specified in a security manual. In addition to product quality, The price was also a decisive factor. The project professionals opted for Betafence solutions. Unwelcome intruders, who want to break into the harbour, face a nearly impossible task. The Betaview® fence is 2.50 metres high, roughly 20 centimetres of which is embedded. Therefore, there is no question of crawling under the fence. The accompanying IPE posts have been fitted on the top with a half-meter extension with 6 rows of electric wire.

Thus, the fence reaches a total height of up to 2.80 metres and is very secure. The mesh, the posts, and the accessories have all been coated in green to counteract corrosion from the salty sea air. Finally, at the main entrance, Betafence also supplied 4-meter sliding gates fitted with specific access control. In this way, Durban Portnet Harbour was resecured in accordance with the highest standards, all within the predefined budget.

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