As part of the Bus Rapid Transit System that the City of Cape Town continues to roll out, an important need was to have secure depots where the buses are parked during hours they are not in use. This featured project is one of four such projects that Betafence has secured using the Betaview system (Securifor 3D on Bekafix Secure Posts) with a ZinAlu Super coated base wire and an additional PVC coating in Anthracite.

1.2 km Betaview was installed to secure the new fleet of modern buses purchased by the City as part of a large project of expanding the South African BRT System. Betaview offers an aesthetic barrier to deter possible perpetrators and delay any breakthrough attempts by enough time for security response teams to respond effectively and stop the break-in. It is covered by our 10-Year guarantee even though it is installed in a highly corrosive environment close to the coast. Betafence is proud that it's South African factory manufactured and supplied the much-needed fences to protect commuters and the City of Cape Town's valuable assets.

What is BRT?

Bus Rapid Transit System, is the road-based component of the broader national Public Transport Strategy in South Africa. This program is designed to move large numbers of workers from outlying suburban areas into the city reliably and safely.

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