Fencing posts from medium to high security

Choose the right post for your fence: it is important to select the post which corresponds best with your fence, your design or your security level. A very large range of posts, for panels or for fences rolls, from a DIY installation system to the more secure post Bekasecure. Make your choice, or contact us for any questions you may have.

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Bekaclip® metal post is a metal post provided with mesh fixing strip for a fast and easy installation of roll fences.

- Universal post for rolls
- Easy installation
- Few accessories needed


Profiled posts, polyester coated on galvanized with fixing system to be used with a large range of fencing panels. Note that South African post specifications may vary.

- Easy and fast installation
- Patented design
- Can be used with all fence panels
- Very convenient for installation on slopes (25mm steps possible)
- Large accessories range


D-Lox® is a universal lox post system for panels. There are two fixings for this system: with clamps or u-covering plate.

- Ideal for 2D/2DS panels and Nylofor F
- High rigidity


Betafence's unique sports fence system Bekasport with noise dampening clips helps reduce noise nuisance caused by ball impacts on the fence.

- High fencing
- High rigidity
- Limit impact & noise on the neighborhood
- Suitable up 6-meter height


Professional round metal posts, galvanised and plastic coated. 

- Long lifetime
- Universal post


Bekaclip® residential post provided with fixation collets are ideal for a fast and easy installation of fencing panels.

- Easy installation


RHS posts designed specifically to suit the Securifor® panel range, combining high security with ease of installation and fixing methods.

- Cost-effective solution offering rigidity and ease of installation
- Innovative large spider fixators with stainless steel security bolts
- Accommodates stepping on sloped ground 
- Compatible with Securifor 358, 2D, 3D and 4D panels


Bekafix® Ultra is the high-security version of Betafence's flagship post design. Its improved rigidity makes it ideal for medium to high-security panels, at an excellent price-quality ratio. 

- High rigidity for fences up to 4 meters
- Fast installation
- Same accessories as the standard Bekafix post
- 10-Year guarantee in Extreme conditions


O-Lox®  Super is a very discret and strong fence post. It's compatible with double wire panels such as Nylofor 2D or 2DS. If you want to install privacy PVC slats, O-Lox® Super is the recommended post!

- Strong and rigid
- Ideal for double wire panels combined with privacy Slats
- Large range, up to 4 meters high

Flyer O-Lox super posts


The Bekasecure®  high-security posts have a unique design and guarantee important rigidity and easy installation.

- High security
- Rigidity
- Open profile allows for electrical or fiber optic cabling 
- Available with or without a base-plate


Posts for all Nylofor® F and 3D panel-systems. A flexible post endless distance results in a simple and economical installation.

- "Endless" installation
- Fast installation


Twilfix-Nylofor posts are polyester coated on galvanized with a special fixing system. To be used with all Nylofor® panels, Paladin and Roll top.

- Rigidity
- Compatible with a large panel range
- Long lifetime


O-lox® is a very rigid fence post system with the cover plate or stainless steel fixing plate, install your Nylofor 2D or 2DS flat panels

- High security
- Rigidity


Flyer O-Lox posts


Betafence's newest post innovation makes installation easy and quick. Izifix®  does not require any fixing mechanisms, bolts, or nuts and is a versatile fix-and-go system.

- Easy and cost-effective installation
- No fixing accessories required
- Compatible with a wide range of Betafence profile panels
- Easily step, slope, and create corners with the same post


The U-lox posts are galvanised and plastic coated. Fixation of panels with 2 different specific collars, depending on your preference.

- Cost efficient
- Easy installation thanks to free positioning of brackets
- Flexibility toward slopes installation


T&L posts are the most economic system to install your fence in rolls. You'll need many accessories to attach your fence to the post, such as straightners, wire, tension bars. They can only be installed into concrete.

- Economic post