Swing gates: how to choose one that's ideal for your premises

Betafence has been manufacturing and delivering gates all over the world for years. Our very large range and style are developed to be in perfect accordance with your fence. Whether you are a professional or a consumer, the list of suggestions below can be filtered depending on your wishes: Swing gates with panel infill, railings infill, welded mesh infill and privacy models. They all respect the CE norm and are come with qualitative accessories.

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The Fortinet® swing gates are available in single and double version and harmonise perfectly with the different fences on rolls: Pantanet®, Fortinet® and Plasitor®.

- Contemporary design
- Rigidity
- Safety & security
- Fast installation


The Robusta-Nylofor® professional swing gates are available in a single and double version with railing or panel Nylofor® infill as a perfect combination with all panel fences.

- Rigid construction
- Optimal settings
- High-quality coating
- Fast installation

Faldivia® trackless speed gate is designed as an effective solution for quick closing or opening. It is a very solid, fast, and efficient solution for demanding customers. Programmable speed is about 1 meter per second
- Fast and safe
- Smart construction
- Long lifetime

The Egidia® swing gates offer an excellent price/quality rate and can be combined with multiple fencing systems.

- Universal opening
- Easy and quick installation
- Multi-infill
- Universal wings


Flyer Egidia swing gates


These swing gates for houses are available in the single and double version with Bekafor® Classic infill for a perfect combination with Bekafor® Classic panel fences.

- Quick installation
- Rigidity
- Complete system


Single and double Robusta® Medium swing gates with bar infill or double bar panels, that can be used with all kinds of fencing systems. These standard swing gates can be used for all possible configurations (left, right, inwards, outwards).

- Robustness rigid construction
- Security with a secure closing
- High-quality coating


Securifor® swing gates are available in single and double leaf configuration with a Securifor® 358 welded mesh infill to match your fence.

- High security
- Slide bar or mortice lock option
- Available in a wide range of colours and sizes

Zenturo® Super single swing gates are ideal for a stylish garden entrance. The frame infill perfectly matches the Zenturo Classic and Zenturo Super panels. 

- Robustness 
- New lock and hinge system 
- Design


Barofor® Deco is a single swing gate with designed railing infill.

- Aesthetics
- Easy installation
- Safety

Created for the small budget, the Bekafor® Essential gates are available in single wing only.
Ideal for combination with the Bekafor® panels and Pantanet rolls.

- Harmony
- Quick installation
- Quality coating


The Bekazur® 2D gate combines perfectly with the fence and features a child-safe lock.

- Conformity
- Safety
- Special lock system