A nice reference for Betafence


American International School of Zagreb – Croatia

A very nice reference, Betafence is proud to share with you. Creazen, Nylofor 2D Super and gabions are the main fencings and decorative references chosen by the American International School of Zagreb to secure their new building.

Established in 1966, this international school has a focused education in the english language for children from three to eighteen years of age. Securing these 480 students was the priority of the management, as well as A+ energy certification, and very appealing surrounding.


Creazen Zagrzeb

Investor recognized Betafence as No. 1 total perimeter protection solution provider. Together with architects, they chose the CreaZen fence 2,0m high (L=620 m) due to its strength on the one hand and attractive design, inspired by natural elements on the other. Across the street you can find Lake Bundek and lots of trees, promenades and children's playgrounds. The CreaZen panels are made of the vertical square tubes that are welded at both sides of the horizontal tubes, in a criss-cross way. They are hot dip galvanized and polyester coated. The Bekafix posts are galvanized inside/outside and also polyester coated.

Betafence welded gabions (63 pc) in different dimensions are placed in front of the main entrance to the school. Gabions made of Zincalu Super wire are filled with stones and link this beautiful, modern building with the elements of nature.

Sports areas are secured with a 4,0 meter high fence (L=270m). The use of Nylofor 2D Super panels makes the system extremely rigid. The panels are rigid thanks to the use of welded mesh in conjunction with extra heavy double horizontal wires. The architects chose the same design of posts but stronger ( because of the hight of the fence) like on CreaZen fence. Bekafix Super, high quality and rigidity tubular posts, profiled in „H“ shape based on Bekafix concept.

To stay in the line with the same design, on the playgrounds you can find Nylofor 2D 1,4m high fence (L=90m) together with Bekafix posts.  Also, there was one big need on this playground for a very small fence. The beauty is in details so we created 0,2m high fence Nylofor 2D that was installed under the balcony and in that way secured the children not to go under it.

Betafence Croatia installed all these beautiful fences.

- Creazen (in combination with post Bekafix) H= 2,0m, L=620m
- Nylofor 2d Super (in combination with post Bekafix Super) H=4,0m, L=270m
- Nylofor 2d (in combination with post Bekafix) H= 1,4m, L=90m
- Gabions – 63 pcs

AISZ commenced construction of our new school campus on September 12, 2017, at a green field site in Središće across from Bundek Park. They investing 14.7 million Euro into the Zagreb economy through this project. 
Betafence finalized the erection of the fence in the second semester of 2018.