International references [please note all of these products may not be available in your country]

Much important competition and places were secured with Betafence sports fencing systems: collapsible fences, temporary fencing, railings, handrails, ballstop.... So many suggestions to cover all elements required to handle the use of public event places.

Depending on your country and regulation, as well as the sports practice and public behaviour, Betafence will guide you to select the most appropriate solution for sports enclosure. Because safety is your daily concern, we are working together with officials Federation and commissions to recommend you the best system you are looking for. We also work with a network of official installers, trained to erect in a professional and safety way our sports systems.

In sports infrastructure, our partners and customers should always consider the following:
- Maintenance and replacement of the sports barrier in case of damage,
- Architectural and aesthetic requirements,
- Consistency with adjacent structures,
- Resistance to vandalism,
- Durable against weathering and deterioration,
- Adjustable depending on the exhibition